Max Payne 3 Review!

Posted: May 25, 2012 by Jonathan Wigley in Playstation 3, Xbox 360
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I never played the first two Max Payne’s but I was really attracted to this one for some reason mainly just because I really enjoy Rockstars games ( Red Dead Redemption,GTA, LA Noire) I thought they wouldn’t let me down so I just went and bought it and instantly fell in love with the slow-mo killing! I like how adult, dark this game is. Its got a more adult, crime feel to Max Payne 3 to other shooter games and I don’t normally go for shooters unless they’re sci-fi. so why purchase Max Payne 3? purely enjoy the slow-mo and the fact that he takes painkillers to health himself. I would rate the game a good 4/5 for all the slow-mo, interactive cutscences, and the environments you play in they’re very eye-catching and details for example in the early start of the game you have a shoot out in high-end  a nightclub which is quite like being in a nightclub yourself! another reason I enjoy playing this shooter game is that it’s not just purely shooting you have to search for clues and interrogate people for information it’s not just KILL,KILL,KILL!  


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