E3 Expo Halo 4.

Posted: June 4, 2012 by Jonathan Wigley in gamers assemble, gaming, Xbox 360

the new instalment of Halo is a flood of excitement just waiting to be released on 6th of November. playing as the legendary Master Chief fighting against “an ancient evil” a new race of aliens with new weapons along with the classic covenant. with the new halo 4 it will bring a brand new online mode called Spartan Ops, which tells the story of the UNSC Infinity, the huge ship that plays home to halo 4’s multilayer. ops will play as an episodic continuation of halo 4’s campaign with weekly episodes that center around UNSC Infinity leaders and crew and a new team of Spartans, which episode will contain new missions which allows players of up to four to play together exploring the corners of the halo universe. Be sure to stop by for the trailer later!


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