Apple..Video Game Controller?

Posted: July 27, 2012 by davidsugden in gaming, PC

Apple To Create A Controller For Gaming?

Theres a rumour circulating that Apple are going to be releasing a Controller so that ios games can be controlled. In Fact they have even patented it. Amongst speculation, it is said that with Apple having released a TV settop box that already allows you to stream games from other ios devices this controller could help you to navigate and play games which would make the settop box both a TV and a game station.

But..further into the rumour Apple has apparently stated that they havent patented a controller per say, but patented a design that would allow for existing controllers to link up and be used as a controller for the ios devices and games..Now when does Apple ever aloud third party devices to operate with there software/devices? i could be wrong but i cant think of any. Also Apple has never denied or accepted rumours whenever they have released a new product/software or even new shop for that matter there a very secretive business – Case (for now) closed.

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