Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill Review

Posted: September 6, 2012 by davidsugden in gaming, PC, Playstation 3, Review, Xbox 360

Being a big Battlefield 3 fan, the hype for the next DLC was huge. From the initial proposition of BF3’s 4 big DLC’s there has been this ‘hype’ whenever BF3 release extra content. Mainly because you get so much for your money. Unique content, Strategy Guides, Premium Events and more.

At the moment Armoured Kill is only for Playstation 3 with you having to become a ‘Premium’ player to get the DLC early, 1 week early that is then it will be released to Xbox and PC Premium members and finally released to all players towards the end of September.

Included with the DLC is: 4 NEW maps, 5 NEW vehicles, 5 NEW assignments, 5 NEW Tags and a 1 NEW Game Mode. As well as the DLC there is also a patch to be done. The new patch updates quite a lot and is around 1.5GB of memory so be prepared. Might be best to start downloaded Armoured Kill then do the patch saves time as i wish i’d of done the same. The patch updates most guns adding more/less recoil or adding a change of rate to the guns, also updated are the Vehicles. The missiles on the Attack Helicopters actually do more substantial damage. [NOTE: You can download the patch even if you cant yet acquire the DLC. For more information on the what you get in the patch click HERE]

Down to the Gritty stuff – In the short time i had to play, all maps/vehicles and mode [Around 3 hours] i found it highly addict-able. The vast maps [The biggest to date] and all out ‘Vehicle Warfare’ it was like being in an actual war, its that real. EA have out done themselves with tis DLC, big open spaced maps with Vehicle Warfare at the front line but yet still suitable gameplay for the infantry players.

The biggest map to date is ‘Bandar Desert’ as the title says its set in a desert with a small town in the middle, surrounded by mounds of sand and a few military bases like you’d see in Iraq/Afghanistan. The other maps are: ‘Armoured Shield’, a farming land landscape with towns and plenty of airspace. Shooting behind mounds with your tank dug in, its surreal. Next up is ‘Alborz Mountains’, a picturesque scenery set high up in some snowy mountains, with a frozen lake to play on. The last map is ‘Death Valley’, A woodland set at night with trees been problematic as well as enemies. All good maps to play on with all different situations and gameplay to be had. 

A NEW Game Mode: ‘Tank Superiority’ allows two teams to go up against each other to battle out over a ‘Flag’ set in the middle of the map. Good thing about the mode is its just tanks [& new vehicle the ‘Tank Destroyer’] and no pesky Helicopters. All in all makes up for a challenging Mode, especially if your team are working together.

The last bit of this review is about the new Vehicles. [I would mention the Assignments and Dog Tags, but they’d bore you, practically the same thing as previous DLC, drive the vehicles and blow stuff up and get the rewards] As mentioned previously there is now a ‘Tank Destroyer: M1128′ a 2-3 shot Tank killing…Tank! If you hit the right spot. New also [but easily stolen: Cod] is the ‘Gunship: Ac130 Spectre’ a high flying airplane that can rain down fire [Note Transformers 1] onto all vehicles but yet can be shot down via heli’s and locked on rockets, also to note you can spawn off the gunship and parachute down. There are ‘Artillery Tanks’ that shoot down pretty much anything with repetitive gunfire a sort of drivable Tank. like you would use at home bases to protect vehicles from Air-Transport. Second to last is the ‘Mobile Artillery: M142’ vehicle that allows you to fire off multiple missiles and put down a barrage of hurt onto the enemy infantry. But the best and most surprising is the ATV. A ‘Quad Bike’ there quick and nimble and can get up to some decent speed. Putting a player on the back to shoot always help too. Just like in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Both the Tank Destroyer & Mobile Artillery Vehicles, can out run any tank and are quite agile themselves.

All in all its a DLC thats for everyones taste. A Few Minor downsides are when playing the NEW mode: Tank Superiority it felt short lived and as soon as you’d lost your Tank you would either die/fight or run back to base to wait in line for another Vehicle. Can be a mad dash to get a Vehicle at first. Also with any NEW maps, its always tough at first to get points on the board and this isn’t any different, mad dash for every Vehicle, scrappy gameplay but that only because its new and nobody has learnt the map yet. But in the short time i had to play on it, i managed to do everything and can’t wait to get back on it and destroy the competition. I will no doubt be giving a full review in the next couple of weeks once ive played more.

If you’ve got ‘Armoured Kill’ and have an opinion, feel free to comment.. 

Also check out the video HERE to see what the fuss is all about.


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