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Posted: October 5, 2012 by davidsugden in gamers assemble, gaming, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

The last two years have been almost research and development with the guys at Delta Six, coming up with a peripheral like the wii and ps move controller but all built into a gun. A gun used for War games. For $90 it can be yours. Check the website for more details HERE.

What you can do though is use it like a gun move with it aim down scope with it, change the actual magazine and shoot grenade launchers/shotgun off the bottom of it. You can also buy parts to make it look like your in game gun, whether or not it changes anything is hard to say from pictures. But you can feel the recoil of every shot.

”Chances are you know someone who takes their CoD a little too seriously — well, this peripheral is for them. The Delta Six controller is the latest brainchild of Avenger inventor David Kotkin, made to please hardcore FPS gamers with immersive and responsive input. A built-in accelerometer is used for aiming, while the faux recoil and acting out a reload will put you closer to real combat than an appearance onStars Earn Stripes. The hardware also features a scattering of pressure sensors — allowing you, for example, to bring up the sights by meeting cheek with gun body, or if you’re feeling lazy, squeezing the side of it instead. Depending on your class bias, you can add and retract plastic from the main frame for an SMG, assault or sniper rifle form factor (see below for the gist). There’s no word on availability, or if it will actually improve your game, but the price is slated as $89 at launch” – Engadget Website.

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