PS3 Mods

Posted: October 20, 2012 by davidsugden in Concept Art, gamers assemble
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We’re all fairly accustomed to mods for games and dlc’s, such things as that. But here we have actual console mods. If anyone has actually tried themselves to mods their ps3 controllers you’l know that they are more harder to mod than 360 controllers its just fact, harder but not impossible. But then thats just controllers what about the actual console itself, modding that should be hard right?

Well ‘Jriquelme Mods’ a facebook profile shows how easy with a lot of effort it can be done! Have a goosey gander at the images below but check out facebook page for all the ‘behind the scenes’ images and more consoles and controllers he/she have done. Jriquelme Mods


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