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I thought for a change i’d post not just one unique Artists but several. Or more so, a team of Artists. Here we Atomhawk Design. A team of character, environments, props and more, based in Newcastle. They have worked with big names and have has there artwork used in many games. Games such as Mortal Kombat, Dead Island, Driver (San Fransico), Enslaved, Kineticimals, Wheelman and more. With companies such as Ubisoft, Sega, Th_nk, BBC, WB Games, Sony and more. They truly are a wonderful team with many awesome designs, check their website HERE.

first the trailer for the multiplayer character Zeus, God of Gods!!


second, “the big reveal”, a quick video on mutliplayer being revealed to the press!

Explore incredibly white landmarks while using paint to guide you through the white environment, playing as 10-year-old orphan named Monroe, following a swan escaped from (take a guess?) an “unfinished” painting as it wanders through the vest white jungle. each level will bring new challenges and puzzles for you to solve eventually getting harder as you go along  until you reach the manic King that created the world you’ve found yourself in!


unfortunately The Unfinished Swan is exclusive to PS3, good news is if you’re a PS3 user The Unfinished Swan is just one of  a trio! The Unfinished Swan is available as of today for just £9.99 on PSN


this is most likely to annoy the Xbox 360 & PC users but the Benedict Arnold DLC will see Connor in four extra missions.

The player will be prompted by George Washington to help reveal a rumour to overthrow the American Revolution, Benedict’s plan to overthrow the revolution will be revealed throughout the four mission and show him as the ultimate form of betrayal and deceit.



What do you think of the newly released Tomb Raider reboot by Crystal Dynamics, above we see the box-art for Xbox 360 & PS3 along with a poster. we’re still to hear for a pc box-art although it’s most likely to be the same!

Tomb Raider will be released 5th of March 2013 as advertised!

Ac3 Film

Posted: October 24, 2012 by davidsugden in gamers assemble

Since the Assassins Creed film won’t be out till 2014 so says the rumours. Some guys on youtube decided to make their own short movie of the upcoming AC3 (31st Oct) check it out below but make sure to check out the behind the scenes. I will say they’ve done a really good job on it and have caught some of Connors flair and style for killing, enjoy!

BF3 Guides

Posted: October 22, 2012 by davidsugden in gamers assemble, gaming, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

It has recently come to my attention that the Premium package you buy with Battlefield 3 includes PDF’s on the latest maps, vehicles and etc. There sort of guides to perfecting your knowledge and kills within the new gameplays and maps. And also recently it has come to my attention that not everyone bought the Premium package and is instead purchasing the DLC’s independently, thus not having the chance to sample the free goods EA/DICE are offering. Being helpful as i am i’ve posted the two guides that are available at the moment. There might not be owt new to you personally but worth a read.


Included in the guides:

  • Gameplay tactics and basic knowledge
  • Detailed map information e.g. best places to hide/for vehicles etc
  • Stats on how effective vehicles are
  • Medals and Ribbons information on acquiring them
  • Information on the new game modes
  • Details for different modes such as Rush/Conquest/Death-match and 16-32 player modes

As you can see there pretty useful things. Helped me out with observation and spotting+the occasional kill at long range on Alborz Mountains.

Happy Hunting!