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Dishonoured Mask!

Posted: December 28, 2012 by davidsugden in Concept Art, gamers assemble, gaming

Before i go on unfortunatly Its not for sale. Now the depressing news is out of the way, i’l show you some images.

Its been created be Technically Magic Effects, and is an exact replica since the Dishonoured guys and gals shared the 3D renders of the mask. The team then will all the blueprints in hands well computer 3d printed the parts and made one glorious mask. Add the facebook page for more information about the team and news. TME – Facebook

here’s the start of many to come of Gamer’s Assemble Walkthrough’s we start with Dishonoured,  a steampunk old-fashioned first person stealth adventure.


the first person, roof running, magic welding gets 8 brand new screenshots. which sports some sort of “detective/night vision” and some sort of ball-room masks which are probably inspired by Bioshock. if their not enough for you check out some of the local landscape of Dishonoured which is looking a lot like London Bridge!

without further a due.


Will you be purchasing Dishonoured or is it a miss for you? I know I’ve already decided! Ka Ching!

Dishonoured will fresh the gaming world with the game being based on players choice! using “magic” in one hand and a weapon in the other! revenge you’re death for being framed for murder of an empress, freed by a stranger play as Corvo with his new magical powers given to him from the stranger who freed him!