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Gearbox has announced that a DLC will soon to “set sail” as a four-part add on for the campaign, the DLC will be released onto XBL and PSN and obviously PC on 16th of October and will be set around a pirate queen by the name of Captain Scarlett. it will be available to download for just around about £6.50 ($10.00) as a single download or you could go all out and purchase the season pass which gives you all four campaigns as they’re released, for roughly £18.00($29.00) the season pass can be yours and save you a few penny’s


experience terrain from above using the new skiff sand vehicle, collect new currency and even fight new enemies.

from a post by Major Nelsons blog says that we will be seeing another DLC for Mass Effect 3 known as Earth which will hit Xbox Live 17th of July although no dates have been confirmed for  PC or PSN but I’m sure they won’t leave them waiting long!

how much is this DLC you may say? well take a guess, it’s free!

Earth DLC will add 3 new maps Rio, Vancouver and London along with 3 new weapons,mods and gears. so we have the Piranha  assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol and the Typhoon light machine gun. oh and it also gets you six more human N7 classes Destroyer, Demolisher, Slayer, Fury, Shadow and Paladin.

Not satisfied with Mass Effect 3s ending? you can download the free DLC for the Extended Cut and see if it changes you’re mind and the ending!

“it does not fundamentally change the ending but rather expands on the meaning of the original endings, and reveals greater detail on the impact of the players decisions” said Bioware

Download the DLC for free today on Xbox Live Marketplace free of charge now for only 1.85 GB of your memory, for pc users you can download the DLC as well for free! but I’m afraid PS3 users will have to wait till the 4th of July for the DLC to appear on PSN. Sorry


New Dawnguard Trailer

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If you’re excited for the upcoming DLC for Skyrim then feast your eyes up on this.

the first DLC(S) for Prototype 2 has been released today which gives you extra god like powers, such as shock wave, warp vortex and anti-gravity field for a few! Excessive Force gives  you 3 skins, 2 to play as Alex Mercer and 1 for for James Heller

  1. Excessive Force 
  • Thermobaric Boom-Stick
  • Warp Vortex
  • Anti Gravity Field
  • Extra Air Time
Custom Skins
  • Heller Test Subject
  • Infected Heller
  • Infantry Heller
  1. Colossal Mayhem 
  • Viral infection Grenade Launched
  • Shockwave
  • Chaos Creator Mode
  • Medusa’s Wrath

Custom Skins

  • Armoured Heller
  • Agile Armour Alex Mercer
  • Zombie Mercer

Radical Entertainment has sure made it a difficult choice on which one to pick, although you can purchase both!