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Posted: June 26, 2012 by Jonathan Wigley in 3DS, gamers assemble, gaming, N3DS
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the rumours are real! though they wasn’t announced at this years e3 Nintendo has now announced they will be a new 3DS portable hardware!

they’ve redesigned the 3DS with changes to the home,start and select buttons, speaker, 3D on and off slider and the power button to make a little more room on the device all round so you can have more stunning graphics when you’re playing your favourite 3DS games!

The prices have been also released with all this new information


Europe – £179.00

Japan -189.00

US  – $199.00


they have new colours and some are exclusive the their regions

Red – Japan, Europe and US

Blue – Europe and US

Grey – Japan and Europe

White – Just Japan

Size difference 

so do you really need more space on the 3DS with just over an inch more than the original? with the XL 3DS it  stands at 6.1 inches horizontally and 6.81 vertically but basically the same width as the original when they’re closed.

if you’re thinking of purchasing a XL 3DS and wondering what would happen to all your game saves? well Nintendo say there will be a system transfer utility to transfer your saves from your old 3DS and instead of a 2 GB SD Card Xl 3DS will now come with a 4GB SD Card. plus Nintendo says the battery life will be improved from the old 3DS and promises the life span will last longer with a single charge.

what do you guys think of the new 3DS? must get or not fussed? let us know in the comment section

Majora’s Mask or Link to the Past Remake or squeal 

ever since Ocarina of Time hit retailers last year fans have  been wondering whats next on Ninteno’s handheld Zelda game. during an interview with IGN,Shigeru Miyamoto hinted that it could go three ways from Major’s Mask,Link to the Past Remake or squeal.

if they do bring out either of these I will be first in line to purchase the game and a brand new 3DS!

if it looks anything like this then I’m all for it!

E3 Expo Lego City

Posted: June 6, 2012 by Jonathan Wigley in gamers assemble, gaming, WiiU
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play as Chase McCain in a lego version of New York solving crimes and going undercover with the new Gamepad!