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EA have announced the reboot for SimCity will be with us in just under 5 months! originally meant for to be released February 2013 using the Glassbox Engine which gives the city a more realistic, alive simulated city!


SimCity will have a leader board type feature will allow to play with other mayors, players can compete across the globe for the rankings of the cleanest,dirtiest and the fittest cities online!

if you’re into your fire person shooter then Medal of Honour is your type of game, choosing from twelve international warfighters playing eight real world locations and 35 map commotions.




Medal of Honour Warfighter will be available from 23rd October and will be released on Xbox 360,PS3 and PC

L.A.Noire studio updated their website with information on their latest project ” Whore of the Orient” the game will be set in 1936 Shanghai and will make an appearance with the next gen console and PC

not much information has been release yet but we do know that it will be in the “most corrupt and decadent city on the planet” and will show the Chinese at the boiling point of nationalism.

with Rockstar doing a Q&A with fans they quote

“Awesome, we love Red Dead too – and are thrilled that so many of you loved John Marston’s tale and are excited for more epic Western action. As we mentioned in our last set of asked & answered to similar questions about the future of other game franchises like Bully and L.A. Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels but that does not mean that we won’t get to them eventually.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series.”

We could be looking at maybe a prequel or a sequel, I’d prefer a prequel in my point of view because it were a sequel maybe they’d make us play as Jack and I know most people views on Jack he’s certainly no John that’s for sure!

maybe in the prequel it will show his life as an outlaw and working with Bill and Dutch and how the robbed and stole and killed! although this may not be true I really hope it is cause the whole game just came flooding back to me.

Rockstar make the best games, keep it up!

from a post by Major Nelsons blog says that we will be seeing another DLC for Mass Effect 3 known as Earth which will hit Xbox Live 17th of July although no dates have been confirmed for  PC or PSN but I’m sure they won’t leave them waiting long!

how much is this DLC you may say? well take a guess, it’s free!

Earth DLC will add 3 new maps Rio, Vancouver and London along with 3 new weapons,mods and gears. so we have the Piranha  assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol and the Typhoon light machine gun. oh and it also gets you six more human N7 classes Destroyer, Demolisher, Slayer, Fury, Shadow and Paladin.

okay guys this will be the last Assassins Creed post today I promise!

to make sure I’m up to date with all Assassin’s Creed story I will be playing from number one to revelations from the 1st of October ready for Assassins Creed 3 release(31st of October) I will try to record most of my progress via you tube or even live-stream who knows. I would love for fellow Assassins to follow me on my quest to finishing them all within a month and then the third one! so make sure you follow,bookmark,subscribe to Gamers Assemble!

rumours have it that there’s another batman game in the mix from rocksteady! and its to be set in the silver age. Where batman battled against aliens and went into space and is the early years of the justice league! if the rumours are true we may even be seeing Superman,Green Lantern, Wonderwoman and more!

Rocksteady never seem to disappoint, if the rumours are true then this will be a hard game to beat once it’s released!

What do you want to see? a prequel before Arkham asylum or a sequel to Arkham City?


these screen-shots showcase the graphics and landscape of the upcoming GTA 5! massively hyped and I’m certain it won’t disappoint. although we’re stilling awaiting a release date, hopefully not too long! but we have plenty of huge games coming to keep us occupied!


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