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first the trailer for the multiplayer character Zeus, God of Gods!!


second, “the big reveal”, a quick video on mutliplayer being revealed to the press!

Explore incredibly white landmarks while using paint to guide you through the white environment, playing as 10-year-old orphan named Monroe, following a swan escaped from (take a guess?) an “unfinished” painting as it wanders through the vest white jungle. each level will bring new challenges and puzzles for you to solve eventually getting harder as you go along  until you reach the manic King that created the world you’ve found yourself in!


unfortunately The Unfinished Swan is exclusive to PS3, good news is if you’re a PS3 user The Unfinished Swan is just one of  a trio! The Unfinished Swan is available as of today for just £9.99 on PSN


this is most likely to annoy the Xbox 360 & PC users but the Benedict Arnold DLC will see Connor in four extra missions.

The player will be prompted by George Washington to help reveal a rumour to overthrow the American Revolution, Benedict’s plan to overthrow the revolution will be revealed throughout the four mission and show him as the ultimate form of betrayal and deceit.


although not much information on the announcement, Dark Horse will be behind this project with Neil Druckmann as writer and Faith Erin Hicks as co-writer and illustrated. The series name The Last of Us: American Dreams will be set mainly around Ellie’s life inside a military orphanage and lead up to her meeting Joel, the main character in the exclusive Ps3 game to be release sometime next year

as well as the comic series Dark Horse will be releasing ” The Last of Us Art” in release with the game, this will focus on characters,infected humans, environment showcased throughout the game.

Quantic Dream has release some footage of their upcoming adventure Beyond:Two Souls

the footage includes Quantic Dream David Cage who explains how Beyond:Two Souls will utilize the PS Move controller and dual analogy  sticks. David Cage confirmed that he’s wrote a 2,000 page script for Two Souls. Ellen Page plays Jodie Holmes and will have a 15 year life span and claims that ” we will live the life of a video game character”