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who’s a metal gear solid fan? personally I’m not a fan purely because I haven’t played them. Yes I know it’s bad I did try once but couldn’t get into them. We have the trailer for the fifth installment of the Metal gear Solid franchise, The Phantom Pain & Ground Zero make up Metal Gear Solid 5.  I would love to describe what happens in the trailer but I have no idea who the characters are or what may be going on. I feel rather ashamed,  but for all the fans




If you’re still playing Skyrim and already completed Dawnsguard and aching for another DLC then you’re in luck with Hearthfire, Hearthfire will give players the ability to build their own homes. The players can purchase their own land and build their own home to play on the players personality. as well as building your own home you can adopt a children with your chosen spouse and raise that child although no rewards are none yet.


unfortunately Hearthfire doesn’t bring much for the combat of Skyrim it plays on the players creativity and urge for a mythical and magical family.


Hearthfire will be available September 4th on Xbox Live. keep locked for more details.

So lately we have been seeing new* GTA 5 screenshots so with them being released over a couple of days I though I’d wait to post them so I’m not bombarding you with posts. so without further a due feast your eyes up on these beautiful,sexy and sleek sceenshots

now tell me they’re aren’t gorgeous?

If you’re a God of War fan & Playstation Plus subscriber then you’re luck, Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing a beta multiplayer for Playstation plus subscribers only*

you may choose from Zeus, Hades, Ares and Poseidon each god comes with their own unique fighting styles!

as you progress with your warrior you’ll be able to unlock magic abilities, upgraded armour and weapons, mystical relics and other treasures among upgrading your chosen gods devastating fighting to the maximum.

the multiplayer (Favor of the Gods) you will win by gaining points known as “Favor” in the game, by destroying your enemies using your chosen gods powers, you can gain “Favor” by setting traps for your opposing teams, collecting red orbs and capturing altars.


If you missed the demo shown at E3, now’s your chance to get the whole 10 minutes and then some!


the first person, roof running, magic welding gets 8 brand new screenshots. which sports some sort of “detective/night vision” and some sort of ball-room masks which are probably inspired by Bioshock. if their not enough for you check out some of the local landscape of Dishonoured which is looking a lot like London Bridge!

without further a due.


Will you be purchasing Dishonoured or is it a miss for you? I know I’ve already decided! Ka Ching!

Watch  Damian Kieken discuss the new cooperative game type for multi player, Damian can explain it better than I so go ahead and watch!

Deadpool looks like the perfect combination of humour and action! while playing Deadpool you won’t even have to do the gun sound effects by the looks of it he does it himself. I’m sure Deadpool will have some awesome catch phrases by the looks of it.

Suck it Wolverine!

Hardcore halo fans will no doubt want this. I wish my 360 broke purely so I could purchase this, not just for the extra memory as well but with a customer sound when the console is turned on and the tray opened and if that’s not enough to sway you, you get a blue light in the Xbox and controller instead of Xbox’s green.

Isn’t it beautiful? with the release of this console the excitement for Halo 4 just gets bigger and bigger, I’ve even booked 6th of November and the day after just to play Halo 4!