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So here it is the announcement of the Brand new IP from heavy rain creators Quantic Dream, The game is called beyond and tells the story of Jodie Holmes who has a connection with an invisible entity and will span Over 15 years of her life discovering what is beyond.

The actress who will be playing Jodie is Golden Globe and academy award nominee Ellen Page who is known for her lead role in Juno.

Here is the first scene in real time…..

So the develops behind the brilliant Heavy Rain exclusively to PS3 have released a video known as “Kara short film”

which displays beautiful graphics and a brilliant “short film”. I watched the video myself and honestly I want to know what happens to Kara next, I hope it continues unless it is just a release to showcase what graphics they’re using?

the video reminds me a lot of Irobot but this video intrigues me a whole lot!

without further a do

Quantic Dream’s Kara short film