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MORE Halo 4 Screenshots!

Posted: October 1, 2012 by Jonathan Wigley in gamers assemble, gaming, Xbox 360
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343 Studios are sure getting us psyched for the release of Halo 4, releasing new screenshots and then more and more information. It’s too much to handle for me being a die hard fan of halo ever since 2001 when Halo combat evolved first released. the ground breaking sure as evolved over the past ten years, gaining spins off, web series and books and that’s just to name a few. I’m sure ever one will be excited to see the chief return to save the universe again and with even more new enemies and weapons, maps and god knows what else.




I think so! Valhalla was the most simple yet best map for multiplayer on Halo 3 and now it’s coming back for more action in the long awaited returned of Master Chief. Valhalla will return under the name as Ragnarok, all information from

with the redesigned Banshee “Ragnarok” will make for some brilliant battles between players!

“Ragnarok is set in an area where some scientists believe that the Forerunners placed spire beacons within deep chasms to protect them from offworld debris and other external threats, while others believe they used the steep environment’s natural harmonics to amplify signals when firing deep into space.”

was you a fan of the Abe and his amazing ability to let one rip when ever he could? well good news it’s being remade and in just over a year you could be “pooping” your way through the meat factory escaping RuptureFarms and saving your fellow Mudokons, Just add water looks like they’re making a real good job of remaking the classic Playstation game. which is the foundation of some young adults gaming years including myself, I logged so many hours on Abe’s Oddysee and will be very excited to be reunited with Abe in just over a year, although J.A.W haven’t given us a certain date we have been given the information of it being release somewhere near September next year. without boring you too much here are the screenshots!



Watch  Damian Kieken discuss the new cooperative game type for multi player, Damian can explain it better than I so go ahead and watch!

Deadpool looks like the perfect combination of humour and action! while playing Deadpool you won’t even have to do the gun sound effects by the looks of it he does it himself. I’m sure Deadpool will have some awesome catch phrases by the looks of it.

Suck it Wolverine!

Hardcore halo fans will no doubt want this. I wish my 360 broke purely so I could purchase this, not just for the extra memory as well but with a customer sound when the console is turned on and the tray opened and if that’s not enough to sway you, you get a blue light in the Xbox and controller instead of Xbox’s green.

Isn’t it beautiful? with the release of this console the excitement for Halo 4 just gets bigger and bigger, I’ve even booked 6th of November and the day after just to play Halo 4!

Sonic Adventure 2 is set to make a come back with a full HD upgrade!

a quick eyed gamer saw the screenshots of Sonic Adventure 2 but as the news got out the screenshots were soon taken down!

all we know is the game will appear on XBL & PSN on 3rd of October!

this is one of my all time favourite games for one reason only being able to raise choas!

E3 Expo Watch Dogs

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Jonathan Wigley in gamers assemble, gaming, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
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this looks like my sort of game gangster,digitalized,hacking,sneaky and stealthy all rolled into one huge city to explore!