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so today I bought Assassin’s Creed 3 and I’ve heard from friends of friends and reviews that it will be the worst Assassin’s Creed yet, but once I played it I found it was the greatest Assassin’s Creed yet and is already close to one of my favourite of the series. Although the story is a little confusing at first but it does unravel and as I write this I’m watching a cut scene that is OMG! you will see.

so for the people who haven’t bought this game I’ve recorded the first 15 minutes for you! I know longer hate Shaun but now in fact hate Desmond’s Dad.

no explanation needed! THE CHIEF RISES

If you missed the demo shown at E3, now’s your chance to get the whole 10 minutes and then some!


Call ‘Me’ Maybe? I will!

Posted: July 16, 2012 by davidsugden in Uncategorized
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Been surfing Youtube again and found this rendition of ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Dedication to make this!

to make sure I’m up to date with all Assassin’s Creed story I will be playing from number one to revelations from the 1st of October ready for Assassins Creed 3 release(31st of October) I will try to record most of my progress via you tube or even live-stream who knows. I would love for fellow Assassins to follow me on my quest to finishing them all within a month and then the third one! so make sure you follow,bookmark,subscribe to Gamers Assemble!

tomorrow I will be recording the first of many Lego video games walkthroughs, I’m starting off the POTC its one of my favourites along with being very fun,creative and humorous.

We’re thinking of doing some podcasts and maybe add a forum or maybe even gameplay and commentary videos

is there anything you’d like to see here on Gamers Assemble?